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Patient Portal

How To Connect

  •  Step 1

    Ask your provider to send you an email invite to the OnPatient Portal.

     Step 3

    Download the OnPatient app from the Apple App Store or access through

     Step 2

    Open the OnPatient invite email, press the “sign up” button and register online.

    Step 4

    Launch the OnPatient app or go to and log in to connect to your medical provider.

Through The OnPatient Portal, You Can

  •  Fill out paperwork before your appointment to make checking in easier

     View your upcoming appointments and check-in online

     Schedule and cancel appointments from your computer or mobile device

     Message your doctor through a HIPAA compliant portal

     Manage your contact and insurance information

     Access your medical record

     Have educational material sent directly to your account

     Connect your child's account and manage their health record with yours

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