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Flower Allergy

Flower Allergy

Have you noticed sneezing or worsening runny nose when you are around flowers? Patients often ask if they are allergic to flowers here in the Salt Lake Valley. The answer is more complicated than just a pollen allergy. Allergic symptoms occur when pollen lands and irritates a person’s mucous membranes (nose, eyes, or lungs). This occurs with trees, grasses, and weeds which release microscopic pollen into the air (airborne). Flower pollen is actually too large to be airborne and therefore does not land in those areas to cause symptoms.

What actually can be irritating is the flower’s fragrance, which is released from the flower. These are small, airborne particles that can cause a variety of symptoms that people experience including runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, headache, or increase in asthma/breathing symptoms. Some flowers have stronger scents/fragrance than others and these are the ones that tend to cause more symptoms. This can also happen with other items that contain that same floral scent, including candles, perfumes, or laundry detergents. As mentioned in other blog posts, this is a type of non-allergic rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis.

Tips to help avoid and treat these bothersome symptoms:

  • Avoid fragrant flowers in the bedroom
  • Avoid putting flowers in unventilated rooms
  • Try nasal steroid sprays like Flonase, Rhinocort or Nasacort
  • Oral antihistamines like Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra will not work
  • Some flowers are less fragrant if they are commercially bought instead of from a backyard

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