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About Allergy Associates of Utah

About Us

At Allergy Associates of Utah, we provide personalized care for allergy and immune conditions ranging from the common to the complex.

Allergy Associates of Utah is an allergy, asthma, and immunology specialty clinic serving the greater Salt Lake City, Utah, area with locations in Murray and West Jordan. Led by specialists Andrew Smith, MD, MS, and Tara Sarin, MD, the practice strives to help people of all ages and backgrounds breathe easier and avoid dangerous and painful symptoms.

Dr. Smith has extensive experience treating diverse populations for allergies, asthma, and immune diseases like eczema. He specializes in providing direct, patient-centered care for pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and everyone in-between. Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Sarin take the time to listen to the needs of each patient and design a personalized treatment plan for every unique case which may include allergy shots (immunotherapy). 

Allergy Associates of Utah prioritizes the latest research-based approaches for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Smith and Dr. Sarin frequently test patients using skin allergy testing, blood tests, and elimination diets in order to confirm or rule out various allergies, including food allergies, hay fever, metals, latex, medication allergies like penicillin, and pollen. 

In addition to diagnosing and treating allergies and asthma, Allergy Associates of Utah provides specialty care for rare conditions like mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), hereditary angioedema, and primary immune deficiency. Conditions like these often go hand-in-hand with allergies and can cause similar symptoms and complications, like hives, sinusitis and swelling.

Allergy Associates of Utah also participates in groundbreaking clinical trials and often allows patients to take part in research regarding asthma and allergies. 

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  • Very thorough and communication is great. Any concerns I've had they get take care of right away.

    - Leslee R.
  • I love Dr. Smith and all the things he has done to help me with my unique allergy conditions.

    - Lanni M.
  • We love this place. Staff has always been great. Never had an issue.

    - Shaun K.